We take charge of both translation and final DTP releasing you from excess difficulties.
DTP is a service that includes document digitizing, formatting, localization and internationalization.


What are the advantages of STAR DTP?

Technical documantation attached to goods or equipment is not only of practical use for customer convenience but also an essential part of a company public image. Inadequate formatting makes the reading difficult, frequently resulting in misunderstandings. That’s why DTP which makes the document look good must be an intergrated part of the translation process of any documentation.

Our specialists work with both printed and electronic originals. The customer gets back the document ready for printing where page layouts are identical to the original ones.

Our DTP specilists work with any languages.

In addition, they prepare the document for publishing and attend the circulation.

The customer gets not only a completed translation but also a completed layout of the document fully corresponding with the original text.

Our DTP specialists work with the texts translated inside STAR company as well as with any other documents. They can make the complete layout according to the customer needs.


We work with the following programs

  • AutoCAD;
  • Adobe InDesign;
  • QuarkXPress;
  • Adobe FrameMaker;
  • Microsoft Word;
  • PowerPoint;
  • Publisher;
  • Excel;
  • QuickSilver;
  • Adobe Illustrator;
  • Adobe Photoshop;
  • Visio;
  • CorelDRAW;
  • FineReader
  • Adobe Acrobat;
  • Any video formats

Data processing in any other format is also available if necessary.


What are our qualifications in DTP?

  • PDF format text detection and document creation in any program
  • page proofs of any complexity in any program
  • document conversion to other formats
  • document formatting according to the original format after translation in any language
  • page proofs and modeling: XML and HTML
  • SGML formatting
  • PDR creation and record
  • graphics processing in any format (including vectorization of a bitmap image)
  • documents prepress

Our specilists work both with PC Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms.

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