Principles of work performance

All companies included into STAR Group are united by the core translaion ideology based on three main principles:

  1. A quality translation can be provided only by a native speaker
  2. The mandatory factor of a quality translation is the “four-eyes principle”: any text after having been translated is doublechecked by the editor
  3. New technologies are compulsory in modern translation industry 

Excersing the first principle STAR Group employees implement translations only into their native languages. STAR Group is able to make translations almost with any language pair due to branches all over the world.

The second principle is performed thanks to qualified editors working on full-time basis. They are not only professionally trained linguists with deep knowledge of language but they also have competence in specific technical fields.

Realizing the third principle, STAR Group has developed the professional CAT-tool TRANSIT based on the technology of Transaltion Memory. This tool has become popular among translators all over the world.

Strict observance of all three principles guarantees high quality of translation as well as its stylistic and terminological consistancy, even in case translations are made with large time intervals.


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