Transit is a not only a specialized translation program and a tool for professional translation, but also a powerful management system for documentation translation projects.


How is Transit different from machine translation programs?

Unlike machine translation software (MT – Machine Translation), e.g. Google Translator, PROMT, Stylus, Socrat, Transit software is a CAT-tool (Computer-Aided Translation) based on Translation Memory technology. It saves earlier processed texts in the databases and helps reduce time and costs for further translations on the same topic. Transit is aiming to be the tool of professional translators in the first place.


Transit is a unique STAR Group software development

Transit was developed by STAR Group basing on the long term experience in the field of technical translations and at the beginning this software was intended for internal purposes only. Before entering the market this technology was tested and debugged inside the group. Today STAR Group is one of the global leaders in technical translations especially due to Transit used for implementing routine translation, proofreading and management.



What can Transit do?

Transit offers effective solutions for issues occurring in any technical translation project:

  • organization of big loads of translation and proofreading tasks;
  • support of all common document formats;
  • due to Translation Memory technology translation time and costs for repeated text segments are significantly reduced;
  • style and terminology consistency control throughout the entire text or several texts;
  • parallel multilingual translations support.

We would be pleased to provide you with short consultations or detailed trainings on using Transit software for your corporate needs.



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