There are 5 simple reasons why you will benefit working with us.


Integrated services

We offer a wide range of translation services: translation, DTP, terminology creation, software localization, Translation Memory creation (alignment). We translate documents in almost all electronic formats as well as printed versions. We can also provide long-run and short-run publications of the translated documentation.

Quality control

Service quality control management provided by our company is based on rules and regulations of international standards ISO 90001:2001 (ГОСТ РИСО 9001-2001). Each translated document is edited by a specialist in a specific field. After that professional proofreaders check the final version. Special attention is paid on terminology and style.


Multilingual capacity

STAR Group includes 51 subdivisions in 33 countries on 4 continents. Due to this vast and flexible internal structure the desired translation could be made by a native speaker in the corresponding subdivision of STAR Group.



Cost saving

One of our undeniable advantages is Translation Memory technology used by our translators. Transit software allows our customers to cut their expenditures due to automatic handling of internal repetitions, pretranslated and partly pretranslated segments. This feature allows to reduce translation costs by halves. 


Customized approach

STAR SPb doesn’t accept standard solutions that would fit everyone. The process is organized in an individualized way to satisfy each customer specific needs and optimize project costs maintaining high quality of translation


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