Translation Internship: How TRANSIT NXT Helps Young Professionals in Their Career?

STAR SPb has completed the translation internship program for students-in 2016/2017 academic year.
In April-May, two students of SUAI Nikita Poloskin and Polina Gavrilova were interns in our company. They managed to complete only two parts of the internship out of three because of the hot period of university tests and exams. However, the first internship was a success. First of all young translators were trained to work with the CAT-tool for professional translation TRANSIT NXT - the software of STAR Group. During further training, interns attended seminars on DTP, editing, proofreading, translation memory principles, terminology databases, translation management conducted by experienced STAR SPb specialists. The seminar on the TRANSIT philosophy and the role of written translations in the production cycle of enterprises developed by the Executive Director of STAR SPb Anna Scherbakova made the most profound impression. Then the interns tried their skills making English-Russian translations from the company’s archives on technical and marketing topics. They also discussed common mistakes, learned proofreading, specific stylistics and terminology of various customers, tried to find terms in the text and create glossaries, corrected translation memory databases, and finally, translated "live" orders in real time and edited translations. At the end of the internship, students shared their impressions with the General Manager of STAR SPb, Polina Akopyan, received personal characteristics and even successfully passed university exams.
In July-August, another translation internship took place in STAR SPb. We were glad to see students of Pushkin State University Elizaveta Brileva, Kirill Kazakov, Natalia Udaltsova and Regina Garayeva as our interns. This time in addition to the main part of the internship, they managed to participate in a role game - the imitation of a tiny translation agency. The game took place in the last few days and the purpose was to assess the personal qualities of students in the real-work environment. A project team was formed, a leader was appointed. She was responsible for the timely delivery of projects and their quality, and also selected roles for the rest of the team: technical translator, translator of commercial texts, editor, proofreader, terminologist, depending on the project. Before the game the internship instructor discussed with the students some interesting managerial and translation cases from the experience of STAR SPb. At the end of the practice the meeting with the General Manager Polina Akopyan was held where the interns and the management exchanged the feedback.
The interns pointed out the "live" orders, work with an unfamiliar language and managerial cases were the most exciting tasks, while the most boring were proofreading and correcting reference databases. As a result of two practices one intern (Polina Gavrilova) is now working as STAR SPb in-staff member, and two interns (Natalia Udaltsova and Regina Garayeva) are cooperating with the company as freelance translators. We are quite pleased with these results and with our interns.
In 2017/2018 academic year STAR SPb plans to work with five universities in St. Petersburg (SUAI, Pushkin State University, Polytechnic University, Herzen Pedagogical University and BSTU "Voenmeh") and check the students’ level of proficiency in translation during a technical translation contest organized by the company.
Translation Forum Russia

The Translation Forum Russia in Ufa ended on 28th May. It was one of the best forums since the event was organised for the first time in 2009. Experienced forum managers, friendly hosts, engaged listeners and interesting topics that provoked wide-ranging discussion among like-minded thinkers — all these things came together to create an atmosphere of excitement, critical global business and an important universal cause.

At this year's forum, STAR SPb was represented by four participants:

  • Polina Akopyan, General Manager and Technobattle fighter
  • Anna Sсherbakova, Executive Manager and TRANSIT NXT workshop tutor.
  • Tatiana Grishanina, Development Manager and internship mentor.
  • Diana Evdokimova, Project Manager and irreplaceable assistant.

The team arrived in Ufa the day before the TFR opening session and began to actively participate in the forum the next morning.

One of the most important topics discussed at the forum (mere intuition or conscious prediction) was the problem of teaching. Lecturers from Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Saint Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities gathered to share their experiences and learn from others. Our team appreciated presentations by Natalia Nechaeva (The Herzen State Pedagogical University) and Maria Stepanova (State Polytechnical University) on innovative methods in translation teaching. Representatives from translation agencies including STAR spoke about their experiences of collaborating with universities. Tatiana Grishanina, STAR Development Manager, presented the results of a recent internship organised by STAR SPb in April-May 2017. We are determined to develop this project further.

The language services market as it currently stands needs to be changed, which is why there were a number of reports and roundtable discussions about unifying the translation process and professional translation ethics. For more information, click here and here.

The famous Technobattle took place for the second time at the forum in Ufa. Last year in Astrakhan, developers presented one of the program's functions. This year, however, the organisers set a new challenge — to demonstrate the entire process of translation, starting with text preparation and project creation right the way through to delivery to the client. As representatives of one of the most influential CAT tool developers, STAR SPb was ready to compete for the championship. The honour of presenting the advantages of TRANSIT NXT at the Technobattle fell to Polina Akopyan, General Manager of STAR SPb. After the results were announced, TRANSIT NXT was awarded the title of “Fierce Fighter”.

The rapid development of technology has changed attitudes towards machine translation for the better. Nevertheless, nothing can replace real-life communication. This is why STAR SPb sponsored the TFR Networking section, where participants of the forum were able to meet and exchange contact details in order to expand their social networks. STAR SPb established a prize for the participant who collected the most business cards. The symbol of TFR — The Wise Owl — became the prize.

For the first time, BSPU (named after M. Akmulla) hosted the Student Forum alongside the TFR. The aim of this forum is to give future translators an insight into the profession. During the forum Anna Scherbakova, Executive Manager of STAR SPb, held a couple of workshops on how to work with Transit NXT. Diana Evdokimova, a young and promising project manager, assisted her. Forty-five minutes is not very long, but it proved enough time to show all the benefits of TRANSIT to translators.

The whole team worked tirelessly over the three days of the forum.

Summing up the results of the forum, Polina Akopyan said: "This forum was a challenging task for us, but we did it! We made a lot of new friends and met people who share our ideas. It was wonderful having so many topics to discuss and ideas to implement. We have a number of new plans and new projects in the pipeline — we'll have lots to say next year in Yekaterinburg."

Translation Contest for Students, 2017
April 14, 2017, STAR-SUAI-PLSU
Translation contest results were announced for students of two Saint-Petersburg universities: State University of Aerospace Instrumentation and Pushkin Leningrad State University. The contest was held from March 15 till March 31 by the international translation company STAR. General Manager of STAR Polina Akopyan and Executive Manager Anna Scherbakova visited the awards ceremonies in the universities, discussed common translation errors and gave future translators useful tips for their career. The contest took place as a part of internship programs and the long-term agreement with the universities. Students were suggested to translate three texts: product technical details, extract from an advertising catalogue and subtitles for a TED-Talk. The council of experts consisted of the best STAR specialists with over 15-20 years of working experience in the translation industry. Using a blind method for evaluation, the experts chose the most successful translations, and participants were awarded with prizes and certificates. The best students got an ooportunity to become international translation interns in STAR.

SUAI winners:
* Anastasiya Smirnova, 2nd year Master student
* Sofia Fokina, 4th year Bachelor student

International translation interns in STAR from SUAI:
* Polina Gavrilova, 4th year Bachelor student
* Nikita Poloskin, 3rd year Bachelor student

PLSU winners and international translation interns in STAR:
* Elizaveta Brilyova, 3rd year Bachelor student
* Regina Garaeva, 3rd year Bachelor student
* Kirill Kazakov, 3rd year Bachelor student
* Natalia Udaltsova, 3rd year Bachelor student

Congratulations to all winners and STAR interns, we wish you even more success! We would like to thank kindly Marina Chikhanova, Director of Foreign Languages Department in SUAI, and Svetlana Shimberg, Associate Professor of Translation Department in PLSU, for their cooperation, patience and commitment!

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STAR SPb announces a translation contest for students in two Saint-Petersburg universities: State University of Aerospace Instrumentation and Pushkin Leningrad State University!

To become a participant follow simple instructions on the flyer.
You can find Tasks and Terms and Conditions in the lines below.




Terms and Conditions PLSU

Terms and Conditions SUAI

Please, send your applications and completed translations at In case of any questions e-mail us at
The deadline closes on Martch 28, 2017 at 12:00 Moscow time.

Good luck!

*STAR SPb retains the right to use the contest results for non-commercial purposes, e.g. internal documentation maintenance or education.




The deadline is extended to 31.03.2017 12:00 due to technical reasons!
Due to contest deadline extention the contest results will be announced after April 6.

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TFR (Translation Forum Russia) 2015
June 26-28, 2015, Moscow

Translation Forum Russia is the biggest conference for translation industry in Russia. Annually it gathers from 300 to 500 participants. The conference is aimed at translation agencies and directors of translation departments, in-staff translators and freelancers, high education representatives, software suppliers, official representatives, editors, international organizations, etc.

STAR SPb took active part in TFR 2015, as well as several previous years, and company’s representatives made presentations on hot topics of translation industry.

STAR SPb executive manager Anna Shcherbakova was a speaker in translation workshop presenting a report “How to make technology-savvy translations?” She shared her vast knowledge and experience on core principles of technical documentation creation and translation in concordance with modern economic tendencies.

STAR SPb general manager Polina Akopyan made her report about “Machine translation implementation” in technological workshop. She presented the results of STAR Group trial projects in machine translation with existing big Translation Memories.

“We had a high-level technological workshop, the reports on machine-aided translation in CAT-tools were very interesting and informative, however recently this topic was not common to speak about”, said Polina Akopyan after the forum.

STAR SPb is going to continue participating in TFR and present the latest advances of  STAR Group in translation technologies and specialized tools.

Lecture in Leningrad State University
November 18, 2015, Pushkin

STAR SPb takes active part in organizing professional activities for university students of linguistic departments. In November 2015 Leningrad State University in Pushkin held a seminar on technical translations and working with CAT-tools for young translators where STAR SPb representatives gave an informative lecture.

During the seminar STAR SPB general manager Polina Akopyan spoke about test translatioins for candidates, their value and employer expectations for translators. Typical mistakes of young translators, examples of good and bad translations were discussed. Students had an opprtunity to practice in CAT-tool Transit NXT - STAR Group exclusive software.

“It’s very important for the translator not only to know the language but also have some knowledge in the relevant topical area, define the target audience and use modern technologies in translation”, - summed up STAR SPb general manager.

After the seminar Leningrad State University administration became interested in getting Transit NXT licenses for educational purposes.

STAR SPb 20th anniversary
October 19, 2015, St. Petersburg

In October 2015 STAR SPb celebrated its 20th anniversary. The fromal celebration was held in the office of the company and gathered staff members and freelancers. Russian co-owner of STAR SPb and general manager warmly congratulated staff members especially those who has been working since STAR SPb estalishment, and announced company’s achievements during all these years. A beautifully decorated cake with marzipan STAR logo became the high light of the celebration. Anna Shcherbakova, STAR SPb executive manager, commented on the event, “I’ve been waiting for this cake for 20 years!”

The celebration continued informally - the party rocked and rolled. Svetlana Mikhailova, project manager, not only helped to choose the best location for celebration but also recited an original toast with sign-interpretation. Ksenia Potapova shares her impression, “The party was nice, especially I liked the game where we had to guess childhood pictures of our collegues. It was great to see everyone, staff members and freelancers, and to enjoy warm talks. Translation bloopers collected after many years of work were fun. I only missed dansing.”

Waiting for the next celebration of the 30th anniversary!

Cross-Training in Daimler (concern Mersedez)
October 5-8, 2015, Esslingen, Germany

At the beginning of October 2015 concern Daimler in Esslingen, Germany, STAR Group key partner, organized a specialized training for translators and proofreaders working on Daimler projects all over the world.

In 2014 STAR SPb joined in the Daimler translation team and from then on has been translating user guides, display messages, texts for voice systems, communication lexical database for Human-Automobile system.

Ksenia Potapova, chief proofreader of Daimler projects, represented STAR SPb in Esslingen. Ksenia was proactive in cross-training, met Daimler and STAR GmbH managers as well as her collegues - translators and proofreaders from other countries. The key issues of the training were translation and proofreading quality control, terminology consistancy, technical issues and optimization of organizatioinal processes.

As a result the existing management system was significantly changed to speed up the communication process between customer, managers and translators. Thus, now communication between STAR SPb, STAR GmbH and Daimler became more efficient and trustworthy.

Saint-Petersburg Translation Club
September 12, 2015, Pushkin LSU, Pushkin

Saint-Petersburg Translation Club is an informal meeting for translators, interpreters, teachers, students and translation agencies representatives. The organizator of the meeting is Saint-Petersburg branch of Union of Translators of Russia.

Translation Club sessions are held regularly developing a positive dialogue between education and business. STAR SPb takes proactive part in Translation Club activities. Its 3rd session took place in Leningrad State University, Pushkin, on September, 12. It brought up the issue of young professionals training.

STAR SPb general manager Polina Akopyan shared the company’s experience in this field. In her report she analyzed translations of young candidates during last several years, specified the main types of mistakes and told about basic selction standards. Administration of Leningrad State University, Pushkin, invited STAR SPb for further cooperation and suggested to hold a practical workshop for students.

Day of Health
August 8, 2015, St. Petersburg

Every year STAR SPb carries through a summer outdoor activity for all staff members, Day of Health. In 2015 the program included a uniquely prepared excursion about Leningrad region “Eventful history of Vuoksa River”, a small picnic on bank of Ladozhskoe Lake and historical and architectural sightseeing.

Staff members enjoyed relaxed and friendly air with an opportunity to have rest out of office, share things in an informal atmosphere, listen to an insightful story about Finno-Ugric inhabitants of the region and visit beautiful lanscapes.

Staff members like Day of Health tradition very much and always wait for something new to come in 2016.

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