Transit software has already been in the market for 25 years. It is not a standard machine translation software. It’s an efficient tool for professional translators based on Translation Memory technology.
The main idea is to implement new translation using previous texts that were already analysed and approved by the customer.
How can you benefit with Transit?
  • reduced translation time and costs
  • high translation consistancy and quality
What are other advantages of Transit?
Transit will provide you with:
 if you are a customer
  • lower cost and time expenditures for translation and localization
  • rapid return of investment due to optimized use of existing translations and Translation Memory technologies
  • flexible working platform for all translation and localization tasks
  • access to new project types and task types with no additional training costs
  • clear divisions of reasponsibility
if you are a manager
  • standardized processes for all projects, formats and languages
  • flexible translation memory (multiformat and multolingual) that is always up-to-date with no time spent on maintenance
  • terminology and translation in a single project
  • detailed check options, extensive quality reports and segment-specific revision tracking
  • efficiency through project templates, multi-level pretranslation and individually configuarable interface
if you are a translator
  • a single translation environment for all translation jobs
  • high quality thanks to constantly available context
  • fully integrated morphological terminology support
  • intelligent mark-up methods
  • dual concordance search in both source and target languages
  • dynamic linking for generated usage examples for dictionary entries
  • synchronized layout previews for all project types
if you are a proofreader
  • efficient quality assurance thanks to specific check modes with extensive check options
  • simple information exchange thanks to segment-specific commenting functions
  • rapid revision thanks to synchronized navigation between error overview and corresponding segments
  • complete segment history including all changes
  • morphological terminology check for over 80 languages and language variants
  • synchronized layout previews for all project types
 Transit was developed more than 20 years ago and it is constantly being refined in order to stay a step ahead of the current trends in the translation industry.
What is TermStar?
TermStar system works efficiently with terminology databases and simplifies the work of authors, translators, managers and customers. TermStar allows to express the correct phrases with the correct words in the source language as
well as in the target language. Successful terminology management can be a useful tool for all translation process participants.
TermStar is integrated in Transit and MindReader and helps find correct terminology for any translation topic.
Who can benefit from using TermStar?
 TermStar will provide you with:
if you are a customer
  • clear global communication thanks to consistent company wording
  • company-wide terminology pool with numerous interfaces for terminology extraction, transfer and use
  • flexible adaptation to company-specific terminology needs
if you are a translator
  • term suggestions on the fly
  • dynamic highlighting of disallowed terms
  • morphological support for over 80 languages and language variants
  • quick and immediately usable term additions and updates

High-quality terminology requires robust terminology management, controlled validation processes and convenient communication between all those involved in the process.
Why is it convenient to use WebTerm?
  • WebTerm is easily integrated into existing IT landscapes and specific company portals
  • commenting functions allow quick and efficient feedback on terminology to all users
  • authorization concept provides terminology protection and ensures that users can only access the areas they need to.
Who can benefit from using WebTerm?
STAR CLM is a corporate management system for translation projects. Transparancy and process security under increasing pressure in terms of time and money are essentially important for customer cooperation. STAR CLM was developed to satisfy customer needs and simplify management process.
Why do you need STAR CLM?
  • reduced administrative duties for managers and other translation process participants
  • guaranteed transparancy and security of translation process and order tracking
  • customers can place translation orders directly to CLM Customer Portal and maintain an overview of ongoing and completed projects
  • reduced time expenditures by taking over routine tasks
  • easy integration of process participants using specific web portals
STAR WebCheck and FormatChecker
Quick, simple and efficient text check ensures high translation speed and quality. STAR WebCheck and FormatCheck software integrated into Transit was developed to provide customers, translators and proofreaders these useful checks.
Why is STAR WebCheck beneficial?
  • thanks to STAR WebCheck checks can be made via Internet
  • segment-specific commenting function for proofreaders and project managers
  • extensive tracking, complete segment history
  • easy navigation with synchronized PDF display that demonstrates the location automatically in the page layout
Why is FormatChecker beneficial?
  • FormatChecker provides consistency and ideal formatting
  • lasting improvement through the learning effect
  • reduced translation and DTP costs
  • translation quality increases thanks to efficiency of the automatic checks
Usually STAR WebCheck and FormatChecker are already integrated into Transit, however we can provide this software separately according to individual customer needs.
MindReader and MindReader for Outlook
Topics and information tend to repeat during technical writing and are usually descibed in the same way or very similarly. Unless you want to reinvent the wheel on a daily basis you must search for previous documents with similar wording to be reused. It takes much time distracting you from more important new content.
MindReader takes over these tedious tasks for authors and editors and helps select the best text suggestion from the databases. This technology reduces the work load, time and cost expenditures and ensures high quality and consistancy of translations and terminology.
In addition, STAR Group has developed MindReader for Outlook which is convenient for business communication in the first place and allows to save a lot of time. Most e-mails contain topics and wording already written and commonly used in business communication. MindReader for Outlook integrated into your Outlook processes your previous e-mails and selects previously used and most relevant wording for each topic.
 How MindReader for Outlook can be beneficial?
  • business e-mails are written 30% faster giving you free time for more important tasks
  • no time spent on maintenance thanks to self-learning suggestion system
  • quick and easy implementation without ajustment periods or trainings
STAR FrontLab
STAR Frontlab is a software for the optimization of document proofreading processes. It is a solution that allows to proofread the formated document as easy as an MS Word document without specific DTP software (e.g. InDesign).
What is possible with STAR Frontlab?
  • proofreading of the already formated document directly in InDesign or PDF-files
  • parallel text display, both original and translation
  • quick text update after applying the changes
  • revision history recording
  • permanent document status tracking, automatic messages
  • simultanious page operation for several proofreaders is available

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